Thursday, December 21, 2006

Reading Philosophy, as well as Podcasts and Audiobooks

My studies in Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Critical Thinking are more hobby than anything subject to academic testing. I often enjoy reading or listening to something and afterwards realize that I didn't retain that much, or that I cannot apply what I learned. I know I could improve that by taking notes and writing up articles on what I just processed, but that is a lot like work. I tell myself that just being able to follow the main line is a good thing for my developing brain. Building good pathways for future thoughts to ride. Sometimes it is just the pleasure of thinking great thoughts.

I think the Ghost of Christmas Present (in the musical Scrooge) summed it up best with the lyric: "And I like thinking the thoughts I'm thinking".


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Google Rules

Have a look at the Google Notebook Feature. All I have to do is select text and right-click and what I'm interested in is there and very easy to edit and update.

Have a look at: What Dan is Reading