Saturday, July 04, 2009

Critical thinking creeps up on little kids feet

It is hard to know if casual Dad talk ever turns into thinking critically. Sometimes they say "remember that thing you told me?" and then we can clarify or teach each other a few things.

My favorite feedback came from talking to John(7) about noises in the house. I gave the standard talk about houses heating up in the day and cooling down at night, and stairs releasing strain after you walk up them. Then to make a particularly personal point, I told him about the illusion I deal with most mornings. While I'm waiting for the water to heat up so I can shave, the pipes are expanding and pinging as they heat up. Both the running water and pipe noises combine to make me think that one of my children is sneaking up to say "Boo!" to me (as is their want). I cannot resist looking, even though it is almost never the case. Sometimes I even say "I know you are there..." to nobody.

Story over, now maybe he will stop dragging me to his room to get his PJs because he is afraid of ghosts (the practical reason for telling the story).

Next morning I'm waiting for the water to heat up so I can shave, and this time I'm sure there is a child sneaking up on me. I poke my head around the corner, and there is John grinning ear to ear. He announces "This time it WAS me!"

Sharing critical thinking can be fun :-D


Sunday, May 03, 2009

You learn to have a life

Just listened to this song a few times in a row. Still thinking. By the end am I still a child with too much to prove?

Artist: Suzanne Vega
Song: As A Child
Album: 99.9f

As a child
You have a doll
You see this doll
Sitting in her chair

You watch her face
Her knees apart
Her eyes of glass
In a secretive stare

She seems to
She seems to
She seems to
Have a life

Pick up a stick
Dig up a crack
Dirt in the street
Becomes a town

All of the people
Depend on you
Not to hurt them
Or bang the stick comes down

And they seem to
They seem to
They seem to
Have a life

As a child
You see yourself
And wonder why
You can't seem to move

Hand on the doorknob
Feel like a thing
One foot on the sidewalk
Too much to prove

And you learn to
You learn to
You learn to
Have a life