Sunday, February 25, 2007

Why do Philosophy?

I just hit on a metaphor and had to share it. Since I am not in any way a professional philosopher (and never shall be) this question of what I'm doing reading philosophy in the first place has occurred more than once. Part of the confusion is the tendency to identify with the author (who usually is a professional philosopher). It is hard to admire someone and not in some way confuse your goals with theirs.

Suddenly while getting ready for a party it occurred to me. I'm rearranging my mental furniture. Perhaps a deeper metaphor will become visible once I get the chairs against the wall? Maybe there will be enough room to dance?


Currently reading John Searle's: Mind, Language, and Society : Philosophy in the Real World

And always influenced by Ayn Rand's essay: Philosophy, Who Needs It

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daddy_phantom said...

Just looking over some old posts (it isn't like I write this for other people to read). And I thought "rearranging my mental furniture" sounded like something I had read somewhere. I only got 22 hits on the phrase on Google. Mostly other people blogging.

I have to say I'm growing a little concerned that things I have written sometimes seem unfamiliar to me. So far it has always been a pleasant experience. Not unlike the happy discovery of a forgotten gem.