Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mormon Malcor?

Google Books has some amazing stuff. And it integrates really well with the Google Notebook and Blogger. I have discovered that many Malcors were also coal mine inspectors (and it lists their ages and post offices as well as the date they were certified.)

This next discovery needs more connection, "Clement" isn't a family name I'm familiar with:

Journal of History By Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: "organist Morgan John Smith stake president was with them November 12 to 15 By nomination of a priesthood meeting recommendation of the branch and approval of the stake authorities Clement Malcor was ordained a teacher and David J Williams a deacon January 3 1904 On December 24 the Sunday school gave a cantata entitled Santa Claus at his best netting $27.50 It was repeated the following evening for the benefit of William Erb now in the hospital at Des Moines netting $26.50 The branch has lost six members by removal"

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